Although there are now many new cars that use the injection system, there are still many small cars and old cars are still naughty carburetor system. Carburetor components are also still found in the 1980s gasoline and racing cars.

For the workings of this carburetor system, the car uses the Bernoulli principle which is the faster-moving airflow will make the static pressure smaller but highly dynamic. The gas pedal inside the car has an indirect effect to control how much fuel flow goes into the combustion chamber. The gas pedal has a function to control the valves in the carburetor so that it can determine how much air flow into the combustion chamber. A pressure in the carburetor will try to attract fuel to the combustion chamber.

Carburetor system pinned in a car must have advantages and disadvantages of each, and of course not be separated from the problems that can disrupt when driving a car. The carburetor does have a function that is vital enough so that if the carburetor components experience problems will be very disturbing the work of the machine. Even cause the performance of the car will not be the maximum as usual. What are the carburetor system problems that often occur? Here’s an explanation and how to fix it.

  1. The car does not want to be stationary

One of the problems that often occur in carburetor car system is a car that does not want to stationary. There are several things that become the factor of this problem. The first time you can try to suck the connection on the car’s carburetor. Check the vacuum hose, check whether there is a crash on the hose or not. Check the position of the seat and try to clean the pilot jet. Usually, there is a possibility of clogging dirt causing this problem. Check the condition of the fuel hose, do not get the dirty or pinched position. Also, clean the fuel container as well as check on the carburetor buoy as there may be a possibility of leakage.


  1. Flood Carburetor

If the carburetor problem of this car happens to your vehicle, then the first thing you can do is check the needle buoy. Whether this component is damaged or worn out, also check the pinhole springs to avoid any broken parts. After that check the surface there is fuel vehicles inside the container so as not to exceed the existing limit. If necessary to check on the needle valve whether it is clogged with dirt or not. After that check the work buoy, whether working optimally or not.


  1. Arising Problem While Driving

Problems that occur when the car is being ridden this can occur due to damage to the carburetor system of the car. For that you are advised to check on the base jet, there may be dirt clogging in it. After that check also the skeptic part, jet needle, and fuel filter. Check whether there is wear or dirty. If so, then you can replace the component and clean from the disturbing dirt obstruction. Do not forget to check the ventilation channel carburetor, whether there is a blockage or not. Immediately clean if there is dirt that clogs so as not to disturb the working of the vehicle.


  1. The machine does not want to start

The cause of the car can not a starter and do not want to live can also be caused by problems in the carburetor system of the car. If this condition is due to the choke that is too wide open or full, it will make the air sucked will be too little causing its spark plug into a flood. In addition, too-out bolt conditions can also cause this problem. To handle it, then do the reset on that part. Other causes can be due to the presence of a lot of air inside the cylindrical hole coming from a leak between the cylinder head and the car’s car, the gasoline from the tank that cannot get down to the carburetor, and the clogged jet sprayer. To fix this, it would be better to be immediately taken to a trusted car repair shop for immediate handling.


  1. Engine Round Weaken

Another problem that occurs in the carburetor system is the engine rotation (rpm) that becomes weakened. When pulling the gas lever up to 1/4 of its normal size, it will see a rotation of the machine that does not want to ride. So as to cause the vehicle cannot be ignited. This is due to the amount of fuel that goes into the venturi carburetor vent too little and causes fuel supply to be more. For the solution to solve it, then you can use the throttle with a smaller size so that the mixture of air and fuel become more balanced. In order for the amount of air that will enter the venturi can be strongly pressed into the combustion chamber, then try turning the sketch of the suit until tight.

  1. Car Removing Black Smoke

Damage to the carburetor system is also the cause of black smoky cars, this is because the carburetor conditions are too wet. So as to cause fuel supply to the venturi vent to become too much than normal. To overcome this problem then try to rotate the screw after the air to the outside, so it can increase the amount of air in the venturi. You can change the anti pilot jet number to a smaller one. Also, replace the throttle with a larger needle in size.

Well, that was some carburetor problems that often occur and how to overcome them. If you do not understand about the carburetor system of the car, then you can immediately bring the car to the garage when it finds the signs as above. Do not let this condition happen continuously because it will cause problems to the performance of your car. Hopefully, the above information can be useful for you.

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