Let the car directly hit by natural conditions, obviously, the effect will be negative. Still coupled with the attached dust-dust, further disrupt the appearance of the car. It can even interfere with performance Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

One of them will hit the car windshield. Could be hardened and make the performance up and down the glass so less smoothly. baseball just make a drag glass, but the effect also to Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida that will be more quickly damaged. Thus, the damage will spread to other components. But, baseball needs expensive or hard to find. Enough with toiletries.

In order for this to not happen, it is preferable that the rubber gates are lubricated. The trick, just by cleaning the dirty door rubber Can use a wet cloth or use the water directly to be cleaner, If you use water, you should enter into the bottle and give a hose to spray. Cleaning is done on all rubber doors.

After that, lubricate using the car shampoo in all the rubber that is there to be able to reach the rubber gaps using slang that has been cut. Wait a while, so that the shampoo of the car flows down and into the pores of rubber.

In addition to using a car shampoo, can also use the SAE 10 oil. But must select a new one, so that the lubrication of the maximum. The trick is like using shampoo. Live oil pour on the sidelines of rubber. Use the tubing so that the oil does not come out of the rubber.

If the whole process is done properly, try up and down the glass. Must have more smooth road glass than before lubricated.

Another advantage, the slippery glazed rubber will reduce the chance that the rubber glass will clump in one place. It even prevents the rubber from getting out of place.

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